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Student Crime Stoppers!

It is very important to our Crime Stoppers program to get the students from local High Schools involved in making our schools and communities a safer place! Here are some TIPS as to why you should join:

- Being in this program helps you to fulfill your community hours
- Looks great on your resume
- You will be able to learn more about the program at special seminars & conferences
- Helping your fellow students to nip crime in the butt!
- It is IMPORTANT for you to know that your just promoting a program!

Student Crime Stopper Program

Some schools have stand-alone programs or full-functioning student boards. A stand-alone program has an organized board including a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and liason teacher and or other board members. The program must work in conjunction with Crime Stoppers of Oxford Inc.

Program may include:

- Planning Fund Raisers
- Promoting the program
- Holding regular meetings
- Advertise "The Crime of the Week"
- Maintain a bank account for paying cash rewards
- Discuss & authorize rewards for successful tips on school crimes

This program allows students to be accountable for making important decisions in their school and have some control over their future.


Some schools have just awareness programs. Awareness programs do not have a board of directors, raise funds or have a bank account program helps promote Crime Stoppers within the school. The program must work in conjunction with Crime Stoppers of Oxford Inc. Students will be responsible for:

- Holding meetings on a regular basis
- Promoting the program (information booklets/posters etc) including assemblies
- Advertise the "Crime of the Week" over P.A. system
- Attend training conferences & seminars
- Organize promotional events

For inquiries about joining a Student Crime Stoppers program, please e-mail Crime Stoppers of Oxford Inc.